Holiday on the water can be exciting. There are so many water sports you can try while exploring the waters. Here are the top water sports holidays for 2016.

Paddle-boarding in Rhodes

You can go paddle-boarding on a Rhodes holiday. This sport was first practised by the Hawaiians. By paddling, you make it easy to people the board forwards in the water. Sailing and wind surfing is also included in this trip. Outside the water, you will get a mountain bike and road cycling tours.

Sea kayaking in Croatia

This tour includes sea kayaking, white water rafting and canoe safari. Besides the water activities, you can go on a hiking trip and cycle excursion when you are on land. You will be spotting rare flowers and wildlife along the trip.

Sailing in Sardinia and Corsica

You can sail across Sardinia and Corsica on a yacht. You can do swimming and snorkelling during the trip. When on land, you can go hiking and cycling. You will love the sandy beaches and houses that are on limestone cliffs. There are wonderful walking and cycling trails. You can spot peregrine falcons, wild goats and royal seagulls.

Surfing in Portugal

You will get surfing and bodyboarding lessons in this holiday. You can go kayaking and swimming. You can try jumping from a rope swing. You can relax by the beach. You can go on a cycle ride along the coastline. It can be a wonderful family holiday.

These are some very exciting holidays you can try this year. You should check the duration and cost of these holidays before you make your plans.

Top 4 water sports holidays in 2016