You should go on a sailing holiday at least once in your life. You should just set off from the harbour and explore the unknown. In some holidays you will simply become a junior crew member of the boat and learn everything about sailing. You can also choose just to relax on the deck, spot wildlife and snorkel while the sailing crew takes care of everything. There are many sailing holidays out there. The holidays can be customised to different requirements.

What to expect

On a sailing holiday, you need to sail for three to four hours every day. You can drop anchor as you go for swimming, snorkelling or diving. You can explore the secluded bays. Meals can be taken on board. You can sleep in the cabins. You need to stop at places to stretch your legs on land. So, you will be visiting new places, their food and culture.

Top destinations

There are many places you can go on a sailing holiday. Here are some of the sailing holiday destinations that you can enjoy.


It has 1,000 islands and is one of the top destinations for sailing. You can wander through the winding streets of different cities. You will be touring diverse landscape and enjoy the local food. The beaches are incredible.


Sailing on a yacht is the best way to explore Spain. It has 8,000km of stunning coastline. If will offer you the perfect blend of culture and relaxation. You will love the coastal villages.


Greece is made up of 6,000 islands, and it has more than 13,500km of beautiful coastline. You can go from one island to another and swim in the gorgeous bays. You can discover the ancient ruins. There are charming hilltop villages that you will love visiting.


The Caribbean is one of the best places to go sailing. It has stunning beaches and lovely shores that are often secluded. You will love the vibrant culture of the coastal cities.

Read this blog and find out more about sailing holidays. It will be a lifetime experience, and it is the best way to explore water and beaches.